Inaugurating The New Startup FACE Innovation of Canada (FIoC)

NEWS Release by FACE Innovation International Inc, effective August 17, 2019

Ideation International Inc, the world’s biggest expert in computerized ITRIZ methodology has announced that effective to date of the following:

  • In September 2019, we will finalize formation of FACE Innovation of Canada (FIoC) in which Dr Ben Babaii will operate as CEO effective immediately, head quartered from Greater Toronto and Metropolitan Montreal areas simultaneously.
  • Nevertheless, FII should be a virtual company that eventually likes to have presence in every province and major cities in Canada with regional FIoC Innovation Presence Centers operating in Windsor, Calgary, Vancouver, Oakville, Oshawa, Trent, Quebec City, etc.
  • As of today, Ideation International Inc has announced that Dr Ben Babaii has become the director of education for distant learning of its most popular ITRIZ application IPS. Ideation International has trained, since its inception in 1992, over 250,000 professionals around the world in IPS application using a 3-day workshop format.
  • Via the distance learning platform, the FIoC seeks to bring the IPS application to the masses and developed a curriculum based on the self-learning lessons developed by Dr Ron Fulbright from University of South Carolina, adopted and enhanced for training by distant learning. It is delivered in a user-friendly approach to every person enrolled in FACE Innovation as lifetime associate to date. Being one of the founders of the FACE Innovation International, Ben has the most experience.

ITRIZ application IPS is one of our company’s core competencies that has been deployed for the last 26 years; matured and has been installed in more than 10,000 computers in industrial companies and universities around the world with a few in Canada such as: Huskey, CASCADE, WET, University of Windsor and Western University.

Our services and products can satisfy any professional requirement such as ideation, product innovation, future technological prediction and protection of existing and future IP with a tremendous value proposition. You are cordially invited to sign to become a lifetime associate in at no costs and no risks to have a trial of one to three month with our methodology, self-learning material and temporary license of computerized ITRIZ tool on a project of your own.

If interested, please contact Dr. Ben Babaii at
Or alternatively see our website at

We are looking for:

• Investors,
• Regional support representatives,
• Established inventors, and
• Undiscovered inventors of the future.

We love the opportunity to discuss how we improve your innovation ability, efficiency and speed. We should talk about how we can collaborate, how we can help each other.

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